Drought *Deut. 11:3-21

Deuteronomy 11:13-21
It is factual information, which can be proven, that we have been in a drought for many years – especially this past year, 2016. The water table was very, very low. In 2016, we were in a severe drought. However, since the beginning of 2017 we have had plenty of rain – so much so that now we are coming out of a several year drought. We are no longer have a drought. And why is this?!?! A new leader was elected – one who stands against some of the abominations that were brought in by the past leadership. This ancient Holy Scripture held true to what was written in ancient times and holds true all the way up throughout history to this present time and will continue on into the future.  Thanks be to God!!!
I marvel at this. When we read the Holy Scriptures and see the hand of God over the pages of history it is one thing, but to actually see and behold the truth with our own eyes that is a whole different experience. I marvel at the Lord God, His power and might, His faithfulness to His Word, which is never failing and unending. Praise be to the Lord God who is worthy of all praise!
God is good and greatly should be praised.

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