Reminders *Deut. 4:1-20

Deuteronomy 4:1-20;NIV
*God is the Author & Creator of life.
*Follow Him so that you may live.
*Keep the commands of the Lord.
*Hold fast to the Lord your God.
*Doing this is wisdom.
*There’s no other god who is near when we pray and hears our prayers.
*There is none like Him.
Be careful not to forget what you have seen Him do in your life and in the lives of others. He has done great, mighty miracles and wonders since the beginning of time. Teach this to your children and their children. Remember what God has done for you. The Lord God has freely given you salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.
*Learn to revere God.
*Learn and teach the Holy Scriptures (Bible) to children.
*God wrote the 10 Commandments for His people to follow.
*Be careful not to become corrupt.
*Don’t worship any other gods.
*Do not make or worship any kind of idol.
*Worship the Lord God of Israel alone.
*He took you out of the furnace of affliction when you were “born again”.
*Be careful not to forget God’s promises. *God is good and greatly should be praised.