What god?

What god hears our prayers
And tends to all our cares?
What god is there that speaks
And answers one who seeks?
What god can protect and rescue
While watching over you?
What god enthroned above
Graciously pours out his love?
There is no god; not one
Who can do or has done.
But there is one God
Full of glory and laud.
He is the Lord God of Israel
And of Him I’d like to tell.
He is the Lord God over all
On His Name anyone can call.
He is the only One
Glorious is Jesus His Son.
This God hears all prayers
And tends to all our cares.
The Lord God will speak
To those that seek.
Only He has ultimate power
To protect and rescue at any hour.
The Lord God will guide you
To ensure you’re safely through.
The God of Israel is enthroned above
Graciously pouring out His love.
There is no other god
Deserving glory and laud.
No one can truly deny
The Lord God is Most High.
He is Creator of heaven and earth
And He gives people great worth.
When you go to Him
Your life won’t be grim.
This you will always find
The Lord God is always kind.