No More

There will be no more conception
of ungodly perception
No matter what does appear
understanding will be clear
No more bologna
away with the phony
When you call upon
I say, “Be gone!”
It will be the wrong number
I am not and will not slumber
I will not be connected
to the one infected
Nor will I freeze
I will move about with ease
I am in His sorority
He’s given me authority
I will stand firm
I will not squirm
I will use what was given me
to glorify God Almighty



I am through
with this negative view.
I’ve had it,
here it may not sit.
Joy is here
and that is where
I will stay
for the rest of today
and the days to come
not just a few or some.
For all of my days
joy will fill my ways.
The evil one is around
trying to get me down
but it won’t work
for I will smirk.
I am with my Lord
He’s given me His Sword.
In Him, I am secure
this truth is for sure.
Thank you God
to You I applaud.


I love my Lord
I cannot afford
to get stuck
in the muck
to do what I want
for it will surely taunt
my spirit
I need to hear it
clear as a bell
then I can tell
what is right
in His sight
this is my reply
I will live by
when in doubt
throw it out!
I will do this with ease
so I can please
the One who sits on High
to Him I will draw nigh.

Go Slow

I did learn
to make a turn
in the way I sow
which enabled me to grow
When there is a fork in the road
we need to go in slow mode
so we don’t take the wrong turn
and avoid the spurn
It is God’s design
to set up a road sign
for He wants us to know
the right way to go
So I have found
to look around
There will be a sign
which will be all mine
Then I’ll drive the right way
for in Him I did stay