I would love to give a hoot
for God’s love is absolute
There is no mixture
in this fixture
It is not a collection
and is free from imperfection
It is a powerhouse of a word
which most definitely should be heard
In this we can rest
for God’s love is the best
To Him we can solute
for His love is absolute



When inside it feels like a riot
I need to go to the Lord quiet
In His presence I will find
I can have peace of mind
His voice I can now hear
my thoughts become clear
So, I have found
when I start to rush around
all things need to stop
everything needs to drop
I then go to God and quietly wait
I take everything off my plate
Then when I’m quiet and still
He does come to me and fill
If I’m too busy hustling and bustling about
all the ruckus keeps His Spirit out
His hand is ever so gentle
touching my physical and mental
He steadies my feet
so I’ll have no defeat
When in Him I retreat
I then become complete
It’s all done in His perfect time
all by the hand of the Divine

God is Great

I will never hesitate
to always say,
“God is great!”
He cleared my way.
I am filled
with joy
over what He has willed
which I will employ.
It’s always the same
His love
yes, it came
from God above.
He brings me peace
and direction
I will never cease
to show Him my affection.
Only He can touch my heart
with His gracious and gentle hand
He makes me feel smart
He enables me to stand.
I stand tall and straight
He calls my attention
I will not hesitate
to enter into His dimension.
He fills me
all the time
and it’s plain to see
it is all mine.
Although I do share
with others
because I care
for all my brothers.