Lord, chase the dogs away
They have gone astray
Remove what is hindering
Keep it from lingering



The truth the Lord did reveal
It has nothing to do with how we feel
We think we are so smart
and have a pure, wonderful heart.
Lord send Your wake up call
We are not what we think at all
It is strictly by Your grace alone
It’s by Your mercies made known.


Here I am again
Your love is amen
I am in the midst of change
Lord come and rearrange
Lead me to be
Where I need to go
Take me by the hand
May I boldly stand
Not swerve left or right
Lord, shine Your light bright
Guide me in Your grace
Wrong doing erase
Lord, my faith increase
May all doubt decrease
Keep me from being in a hurry
Take all the fear and worry


No more tear
No more whine
I now have peace
And it’s all mine
I am not alone
The Lord I sought
He renewed my mind
Touched every thought
I am on my way
I’m in God’s plan
He gives me strength
I know I can
The Lord is so worthy
Give Him honor and praise
My delight’s in the Lord
To serve Him all my days
I will praise Him forever
This is my delight
He is so good to me
Morning, noon, night

Always There

You are always there for me
this I can easily see
When feeling dead
You are the lifter of my head
Just acknowledge the One
and what He’s done
On Him, do call
That’s it, that’s all
He will not let me fall
even though it’s a long haul
Just trust in His Word
daily It should be heard
I did find
It saves my mind
It will steady your walk
plus enhance your talk
So, get up
with Him sup