God in a wink
Removes the stink
Gives refreshing drink
Keeps one from sinking
Replaces wrong thinking

Healing Touch

The God of creation
will set us in proper formation.
He has designed
for us to be aligned.
Lord, all those parts
that have smarts
to You draw them nigh
raise them high.
All those with pain
or have disdain
send Your healing balm
May Your Spirit make them calm.
All the ones who have been stolen
or who are inflamed or swollen,
may Your healing touch
save them from such.
Call them into alignment
release them from confinement.
May You touch every soul
making them righteous and whole.


Lord, please clear our vision
so we won’t have a collision.
I pray the times we can discern
show us where there is a concern.
Lord, ignite in us a spark
that would resound in a hark
for all the peoples to hear.
It’s the Lord they need to fear.
What is it against Your witness?
Is it your thinking of fitness?
Sh’ma (pay attention) and take a good look.
When the Lord moved the earth shook.
The earth is the Lord’s footstool
from there He does rule
with out stretched hands
all across the many lands.
Who can stand in the King’s presence
for we are all merely peasants.
Will all the earth rejoice
at the sound of His mighty voice?
God with us, He will deal
this reality is ever so real.
When He arises from His throne
there will be many that groan.
He will come to judge the earth
to see what we have birthed
It will be such an awesome sight
but many will die from fright
All peoples will tremble and fear
for the presence of El Shaddai is here.


If there is a rift
we need to be swift
and deal with the situation
otherwise a stagnation
could set in
bringing about sin.
So, quickly you must deal
telling how you feel.
Go also with a listening ear
so their feelings you can hear.
Then you can make amends
on you it depends
whether things are set straight
or if the person will walk away negate.
Do what is right.
This is good in God’s sight.


Do you need to inspect
the way you connect
to the One who’s divine?
How’s your prayer line?
Do you talk into the air
Or do you believe He’s there?
He is listening to your every word
Your words are being heard.
Do you mostly ask for things?
Do you pray for what He brings?
Do you always ask for stuff
thinking you don’t have enough?
Is your aim always the same?
Do you ask in Jesus’ name?
Are you one who likes to complain,
Or do you bring your hurt and pain?
We need to be real
and tell Him how we feel.
We don’t need to fuss
because He does help us.
In time of need
He does feed.
When in pain and hurt
He picks us up from the dirt.
If you are smart
repentance is a part
praising and thanking too
are also what to do.
If you have a balance in your talk
you’ll have a balance in your walk.
He will set you on your way
each and every day.
For us, God wants the best
He wants to give us rest
so take your cares
go to God with prayers.

Story Told

Our stories should be told
of how God does uphold.
He takes discouragement
and gives encouragement.
He gives hope
in order to cope.
He removes burdens from the heavy laden
and gives joy to many a maiden.
Young and old alike
all can strike
a gold mine
that’s quite fine.
God gives lots of treasure
which gives us much pleasure.
It is easy to find
God is more than kind.
We should always speak
of the One we do to seek.