You are on a downward spiral
if focusing on the temporal.
In order to avoid the infernal
focus only on the eternal.
This would release
an unending peace.
It would bring joy to your heart
also you would feel quite smart.
No more a devastating fate
if on the Lord you wait.
In Him you can rejoice
So, turn now with your voice.


Rough Road

The road can be rough
Our walk can be tough
We carry unneeded stuff
Then we huff
And then we puff
Saying that’s enough
So put down your stuff
Your road won’t be so rough
Your walk will be less tough
Then you won’t huff
Nor will you puff
This is not a bluff
You will have enough
This isn’t off the cuff


When our military gives a helping hand
in a strange and foreign land,
how dare they say
our men can’t pray.
Chaplains have to restrain
from praying in Jesus’ Name.
That’s not the way it should be
the chaplains should be free
to pray to the Lord
and use His mighty Sword.
Do we want God’s protective hand
while our military is in foreign land?
If we don’t put God first
it’s going to be the worst,
for God’s hand will be removed
and the nation will be reproved.
Our men and women will die
and all because of a lie.
We need to rise up and take a stand
put our God first in this foreign land.
This poem does not end on a happy note
unless we all rise up and vote.
We need to stop what is unfair
otherwise we’ll give way to despair.
We will lose the war
the enemy will score.
What good will this be?
However, it’s our reality.
Our country is at stake
don’t let us make this mistake.
We need to turn to God
and wholeheartedly applaud
Him who sits on the Throne.
We must not condone
what has risen up against us
nor listen to foreigners fuss.
The chaplains need to pray
and need not to stray
from praying in Jesus’ Name
giving him glory, honor, fame.

The Buck

It is always the same
no one will take the blame
each one will pass the buck
not wanting to get stuck
If you are in authority
take the responsibility
Do not scoff
nor shake it off
Stand up and be a man
Do this, yes you can
If you do what is right
you will gain insight
also you will find
there’s peace in your mind
If you pray to the Lord
in one accord
everything you have to do
you’ll be able to get through


We don’t have to wait till tomorrow
to get rid of unwanted sorrow
We don’t need to carry it around
for I have faithfully found
there is nothing like today
to get rid of this decay
Oh, the hurt and pain are real
if they are around they steal
They take what’s not theirs
and say, “Who cares!”
Then sorrow sets in
going deep within
God will bring you comfort
if to Him you do resort
He will take the pain and the shame
being different from where you came
You can go to God day or night
only He can make your insides right


When you are idle
it is vital
to find something to do
otherwise the one who
is the father of lies
comes to you and tries
to lead you in a way
that would cause decay
So, find something constructive
that is not destructive
You will find
that your mind
is in a better place
filling the empty space
If you are thinking of yourself
your mind is on the shelf
Think about someone other
think about another