What do I hear
What is that sound
It is the Lord calling
but no one’s around
I hear Him calling
but no one responds
Do you hear His beckoning
Why don’t they hear You
Why don’t they listen
They are too busy amusing
with idle things that glisten
Lord, please don’t stop
Don’t stop Your calling
For they all need You
cause they are falling
They need You, Lord
They need to be saved
Have mercy on us all Lord
Forgive how we behave
Hearken to His voice
When we all do
We all will rejoice


Applaud God

Listen to me
and you will see
it is God
you should applaud
Watch what you think
be careful it doesn’t stink
Our Mighty God
doesn’t rule with a rod
Do I need to remind
our God is more than kind
If this you understand
it will be grand
Be careful of your song
for God does no wrong
Your thoughts need more than retrieval
if you think God is evil
You will find
you need to clean your mind
If your actions
are factions
and there you steep
that’s what you will reap
If you cause harm
God will remove His arm
He will remove His protection
for you’ve broken the connection
If sin does abound
consequence is found
It’s a true fact
we can’t blame God for how we act
You should know
we reap what we sow
It is a must
to know God is just
In this we can rest
God is the best!
God is dependable
He’s so commendable
So, let us come and raise
to Him our voices praise

Go Slow

I did learn
to make a turn
in the way I sow
which enabled me to grow
When there is a fork in the road
we need to go in slow mode
so we don’t take the wrong turn
and avoid the spurn
It is God’s design
to set up a road sign
for He wants us to know
the right way to go
So I have found
to look around
There will be a sign
which will be all mine
Then I’ll drive the right way
for in Him I did stay


Those who are on a search
sometimes found in church
want a better way
for they don’t want to stay
sitting on a shelf
absorbed in self.
They are tired of hype
they are tired of gripe.
They want to grip
and take a sip
from the Lord’s cup
it would perk them up.
So let us support
and not thwart
be encouraging
and not discouraging
We can walk side by side
when in Jesus we do abide.