Our Lives

We should fill
our live with God’s will.
The Son’s Word
needs to be heard.
Holy Spirit have Your way
in Your people today.


Future Generations *Num. 27:1-11

Numbers 27:1-11

God is concerned with future generation’s inheritance. He made provisions so that the next generation and the following generations would not be left out of obtaining an inheritance.
Thank you God that You are faithful not only to past generations and the people of today, but You are concerned for the welfare of future generations. Thank you for making provisions for future generations, so that they won’t be left out of the inheritance that You give Your people.


There was an intense chill
In the air that did fill
Causing an internal coldness
Shutting down the body’s boldness

The body started to shake
Its thinking was a mistake
Then the Lord sent a giant wave
Healing to the bones He gave

There is no longer internal chill
A chill that could drastically kill
There is room now for growth
Feasting on the Lord’s fresh loaf

There is a newness in the air
No longer distressed by each care
Now feeling fine and warm
Ready to handle each storm


Yes, the Father and the Son
plus the Holy Spirit are One.
One in the same
all done in Jesus’ name.
We really can’t understand
for God’s ways are quite grand.

I guess this is where
we could try to compare
our God to the air.
This must be done with care.

We know that everywhere
we must breath air.
Now the air cannot be seen
but the oxygen we glean.
Oxygen keeps us alive
without it we wouldn’t survive.

As we know air has another name
wind and air are one in the same.
And everyone knows
wind is the air that blows.

It is more than suspect
that the air has great effect.
Air like God cannot be seen
Are you understanding what I mean?
I could go on and on,
but you are not a moron.

So now I will stop;
this topic I will drop.
But I suggest you ought
to give this more thought.

Nothing can Withstand *Num. 24:12-13

Numbers 24:12-13

God Almighty; the One true God; the God of Israel is above all. He is sovereign. Nothing can be done unless God allows it. He is supreme; nothing can withstand Him. Everything has to bow before Him; bow to do His will. What an awesome God we serve.
Thank you God for Your faithfulness to Your people. Even when we do not deserve Your blessings, You stay faithful to Your Word. Help us to bring glory and honor to Your Holy Name; the Name above all names. In the mighty Name of Jesus Messiah, our Lord and Saviour.