Prayer *Ex. 6:1-13

Exodus 6:1-13;NIV
Those who walk by faith and not by sight, if following God’s leading, will see the fruit of their labor. The Lord God will reveal Himself; making Himself known by a mighty work that cannot be done otherwise. He is Almighty God.
When prayer seems to be unheard and when absolutely nothing seems to change a thought will come – “What’s the use?” But God always answers prayer whether it looks like it or not. God always answers with a yes or no or wait. In this situation God, for good reasons, waited to intervene.
It truly is hard when “things” seem to go on and on; never ending. It is difficult to keep faith strong trusting that God will intervene in the situation, but He always does. Take heart and don’t become discouraged like the Israelis giving way to unbelief. God’s timing is perfect. The trying of faith, if held onto, produces perseverance. There are only two ways to go – believe and trust in the Almighty or not.
Even Moses at this time had great difficulty accepting God’s Word as true. However, Moses did obey God and as a result great things were done for the people of God. The greater the trial the greater the blessing.
All Yahweh asks of His people is to just have faith in Him and trust Him and His Word.


He Can

There need not be
Any kind of fear
No matter what we see
The Lord is right here

This is for everybody
Whether far or near
God is great and mighty
Holds us closer and dear

Blessed, blessed be He
Protects in front and rear
So much love for you and me
He can wipe away each tear

Give God the glory
Each word He does hear
Merciful and worthy
To His voice, open your ear