Sing high, sing low
No matter where you go
Whether at home or in the park
During the day or when it’s dark
Driving or sitting in your car
You can sing no matter where you are
Doesn’t matter if people mock
You can sing while on a walk
So, no matter where you go
Try singing high or low


A Lot to Say

Lord, thank you for this day
There is a lot to say
We come to You today
Come Lord, we pray
Help us to be kind to father & mother
To love every sister and brother
To be compassionate to each other
To put self last, behind another
As we seek Your face
Right now in this place
All our sins erase
Fill us with Your grace
On You we can lean
Keep us from being mean
Come, wash each heart clean
So evidence will be seen
The children help us teach
Their mind and heart reach
Wanting to hear what we preach
Wisdom and love we beseech
Lord, on this October 21st
The enemy’s power burst
In Your people create a thirst
To always put you first
Come Holy Spirit take control
You holy Name we extol
Return to us what was stole
Come Lord make us whole

Three Times *Joshua 10:12-15, 22-26;NIV
Before Joshua began leading God’s people the Lord spoke to him saying, “Be strong and courageous. Do not become terrified. Do not become dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” God commanded this right at the beginning when Joshua began his leadership position. Joshua spoke to his subordinates and they were happy to support him as God’s leader; the commander of God’s people. They were unified in saying they would do all Joshua commanded, but added one more thing; telling him –be strong and courageous.”
Now the table has turned and Joshua is now telling the leaders of the Lord’s army  “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous…” (vs. 25)
God met the needs of Joshua. Joshua was now bold, strong, courageous, and would not give into fear, discouragement or defeat. He experienced the blessings and miracles of God and knew God would keep His promises, so he truly had nothing to fear or worry about. Now Joshua was encouraging the leaders under him to trust God completely.
When we have an issue and God helps us overcome in that area, we in turn can share our experiences with others and encourage them that they too can be successful if they put their trust in the Lord God.
Lord, thank you that we can call upon Your holy Name any time and You hear our voice. Open our eyes to see the blessings and miracles You pour out daily in our lives. “Open our eyes that we may see the wonderful things in Your Word” (Ps. 119:18) All glory and honor are Yours forever and ever. Amen.