True Light

I don’t need artificial light
for the Son is bright.
He brings light in my home
coming straight from the Throne.
Light shines through the window
wanting me to know
He is my Guiding Light
which will burn bright
all day long.
I’ll sing Him a song
hymns of praise
throughout my days.
Even during the night
I’ll see His light



I reflect back over today
and simply want to say,
“Thank you so much Lord
My spirit sure has soared
I have so much joy
it almost feels like a toy
from beginning to end
all day I did spend
typing my poems
because I was home.
Yes, all day long
my heart was full of song.
A few times I would just sit
to relax in Your Spirit.
To awake from a dream
which was so serene
was more than the best
It filled me with zest.
So I thank You God
to You I applaud.”

An Encounter *Eze. 3:22-27

Again, God led Ezekiel to a secluded place and when Ezekiel went there he saw the glory of God and fell prostrate. When God calls a prophet He has an encounter with them. God puts His Word in them and enables them to do His will. God closed and opened Ezekiel’s mouth to speak or not to speak. God also tells the prophet what they will have to go through and endure for the sake of doing God’s will.


Even if doubt is trifle
it sure does stifle.
It not only robs
it brings sobs.
They are so subtle
but they sure do muddle
everything they touch.
They are such
an evil force
driving you off course.
They may seem insignificant
but their power is magnificent.
When they appear
they bring fear.
They attack hope
and try to rope
faith and trust
trying to thrust
the one with belief
into great grief.
So push doubt
completely out.
Don’t let it stay around
otherwise you’ll end up bound


It’s that awful pride
that breaks one’s stride
Thinking one is so good
ensuring others understood
The hand of God comes in
to expose that awful sin
He removes from the bones
all their ungodly tones
Now the one set free
looks back to see
how smelly and dirty he was
acknowledging what grace does
God gives one peace
Reality is the release
Now a new way to talk
and a new way to walk
Pride is found no more
one has made a score
from pride one was weaned
internally saved and cleaned

Commissioning *Eze. 3:16-21

Ezekiel was overwhelmed for 7 days after his commissioning from God. Then the Word of the Lord came to him.
A watchman hears the Word of the Lord and speaks it to the people. The watchman is held accountable for delivering the Word of the Lord.
This is true for today as well. God has called watchmen to speak His Word.