Age Old Question *Eph. 4:20-32

Have you ever said or felt, “What is the will of God in my life, or what’s God’s will for me?” The Bible is full of what God wants for your life. This is the age old question that people in every generation asks.
Very simple; simple indeed. God sent Messiah Jesus to teach us God’s will for our lives. If you just focus on doing what this short passage says, you’ll have your hands full. These truths are not something that can be achieved and then forgotten. The will of God is daily – day to day and moment to moment. This is lifelong practice.
Taming the tongue is hard to do. Only let wholesome talk come out of your mouth, which benefits others. No gossip, now swearing, complaining, or grumbling. This alone is a lot to handle.
As I was meditating on these verses I picked out 15 truths that God wills for our lives:  1. Put off old self – deceitful desires  2. Put on new self – new mind set and attitude  3. Don’t speak falsely, which includes deception  4. Speak truth  5. In anger do not sin – you can be angry, but watch out for your words and what you do with the anger.  6. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. If you do, it gives the evil one a foothold in your life, which causes you strife.  7. Steal no longer  8. Work – do something useful with your hands  9. Share with those in need  10. No unwholesome talk  11. Build up others  12. Listening ears will benefit from good talk  13. Do not grieve Holy Spirit of God  14. Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, slander, every form of malice.  15. Be kind, compassionate, and forgiving just as in Christ God forgave you.



Pride says:
I’m not like them
I know better
Me…, me…, me…
Humility says:
I am not better
We are all the same

Fly High

I will
fly high
for I
drew nigh
to the Lord
who is good.
I could
yes, I should
fly higher.
My entire
earnest desire
is not to tire.
Even though
I know
the way to go,
God will show
it is a must
to trust;
not just
I’ll have enough
though it’s rough;
some stuff
can be tough.
But I say
each day
will be okay
when I pray.


I rebuke fear
it is not allowed here
truth is made clear
now my ear
does clearly hear.
I will not bock
over the way to walk
removed is the block
new is the talk.
The Lord did show
me the way to go
so now I know
there is no more woe!
Faith I will thrust
for God is just
I know it’s a must
in God to trust.

Replaced *Lev. 22:29

The old way of sacrificing an animal unto the Lord has been replaced with the Sacrificial Lamb – Jesus Christ. However, the principle here is the same for us; it’s the same throughout all generations, which is: Any and all sacrifices are to be made in such a way that “it will be accepted on your behalf.” All this means is: Don’t be half-hearted when giving an offering to the Lord your God. God deserves our best, so our best is required.
Today, if you hear His voice, harden not your heart.