Grumbling #1 Water *Ex. 15:23-27

Exodus 15:23-27;NIV
After all the miracles of blessings God gave to His people, which were displayed for all to see, they did not trust or have faith in Him. Instead of taking their problem to God, they “grumbled” against the man God chose to lead them. Grumbling against those whom God has placed in our lives as authority figures is not pleasing to God.
If there is a legitimate problem or concern take it to the Lord in prayer.
The Israelites had a legitimate problem. They were thirsty and had gone without water for 3 days. Yes, this is a major concern. The problem comes in with how they dealt with this problem. They should have gone to Moses and told him their concern and not gossip and complain about his leadership. The people could’ve also brought their concern to God, but they didn’t. Instead they chose to sin. But God, in His kindness forgave them. Not only did God provided water for them, He also gave them a promise to provide and protect them if they followed His commands.
God is always very generous. Praise be to the Lord God!
The writings of Moses were recorded in the Bible for our benefit as it says in
1 Corinthians 10:1-13;NIV
(For better understanding read whole chapter.);NIV


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