So today
I will say
Lord, “Thank You!”
I am fine
He is mine
I am His
It just is
No need to worry
Rush around or hurry
Don’t need to fear
God is right here
The Lord God has heard
Your every word
So go about your day
Trust Him it’ll be okay
Out the door
I go to work
Lord keep me
From being a jerk
Steady my hands
Steady my heart
May all my decisions
Intelligently smart


He Does

A thought was not fleeting
It just kept repeating
So in my head
I continually said,
“Lord, what do I do?”

Baruch Hu    (blessed is He)
This is the word
That I heard,
“Do not be afraid!”
Again He’s come to my aid.

Yes, the Lord God is amazing
When troubles in life are raging
He is listening to every prayer
Wanting us to know He does care
He does not want us to worry

Nor fret and react in a hurry
Even if the trial looks grim
Put all your trust in Him
If it is a word you seek
Call on Him and He will speak

Your Help

Lord, I need Your help when
I teach Your children
Keep me from being insecure
Steady my feet to be sure

And not to give way
To anything leading astray
To take a firm stand
Being guided by Your hand

Lord, keep me in Your shalom
When away or at home
Help me to be confident
May this be evident

I will not let worry in
I will not give into sin
I will totally trust
In Adonai who is just