Whether young or old
The same is told
Everyone is searching
Standing or perching
Humanity is the same
It’s from where we came

What is the meaning of life
Wanting peace and not strife
Not wanting fear or pain
Wanting comfort to remain
What about joy and peace
Pain & suffering to cease

About the internal struggle
To which do you snuggle
Living things are born then die
This fact no one can deny
But there is the One Eternal
Who can save you from Infernal

Take a Look

Matthew 6:31-33

What’s on my lips today
It’s what I choose to say:
In Matthew 6:31
It has already been done
And in verses 32-33
Let’s take a look and see:
It’s more than a thought
God says worry not
Is food your concern
His provision you’ll learn
What about water and drink
God can provide in a wink
Are you concerned about clothes
All your needs God knows
God will take care of you
Protect and provide too

Pagans who do not believe
Earthly things try to achieve
They go here and there
God’s provision unaware

God clearly did speak
First, His Kingdom seek
And the right way of living
Then you’ll see all He’s giving

It is as simple as this
Something you don’t want to miss
So, don’t act like an unbeliever
Seek and be an active achiever
God will certainly bless you
Wait and see what He will do

Be Aware

One must be aware
Of that nasty despair
It just wants to rob
It does a powerful job
Don’t let it come in
With it comes sin
It robs of all hope
No longer wanting to cope
Makes you feel alone
Trying to make you moan
Clouds your sight
Life looks dark as night
And there is no fun
Wanting your life done
When this the enemy flaunts
This is not what God wants
Turn to the Lord God quick
Turn away from the foe’s trick
Don’t let your feet get stuck
Do not walk in the muck
God truly does care
He hears every prayer
God does love you so
This you need to know
Go and rest in Him
Then life won’t be grim
Your life He can renew
He loves and cares for you
The choice is yours

John 10:10;NIV


If you have got
Wrong thought
That’s not the way to go
It will only lead to woe
Life should not be a dirge
From wrong thoughts purge
Below Philippians 4:8
On this meditate
“Finally brothers, whatever is true,
whatever is noble,
whatever is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable,
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy
think about such things.”


It is always the same
The Lord we cannot blame
He gave us free choice
He wants us to rejoice
He never
Makes us do
What we don’t want too
We have free will
Think of this still
Choices we make
Good or mistake
Every action
Good or fraction
Everything has a consequence
The choice is ours, hence
The tongue needs to be tamed
God Almighty cannot be blamed
The day is to seize
It’s God we should please                                                          

Isaiah 55: 8-9         &         Jeremiah 29:11;NIV               I recommend  reading the Scripture verses.    


If you want to stand strong
One way can’t go wrong
Follow Jesus’ first command
He will empower you to stand
No matter what is found
Or whatever is around
You will hold your ground
If love in you does abound
Now where does this love go
Jesus made it clear to know
Love God with your whole heart
This way is more than smart
Purpose in life you will find
Contentment and peace of mind
Matthew 22:37-38;NIV