So Grand

To the Most High God
All glory, honor, laud
Praise be to the great I AM
The God of Abraham
Righteous and true
In all that You do
Holy, worthy, Mighty
Glorious for all to see
Worthy of all praise
Forever and always
His amazing power and might
He is light in the dead of night
His glorious outstretched arm
Protector from all alarm
Nothing is out of His hand
In Him we can securely stand
Wonderful is His every command
Yes, the God of Moses is so grand


This Land

Thank you Lord for this land
You hold all things in Your hand
Thank you for this land of plenty
This rich land of milk and honey
The freedom to come and go
The freedom to say what we know

Lord protect Your people’s rites
In our streets peace; not fights
Not be persecuted for our belief
And stand firm blocking unbelief
Being able to go anywhere to pray
Worship anywhere any time of day