Are you aware
God hears prayer
Great is this
This why miss
He’s the One
When all’s done
He knows best
So be blessed
Great is He
Powerful and mighty

He hears prayers
Cast your cares
You will see
Might not be
What you think
In a wink
Change will come
Much or some
Just hold tight
Do what’s right

He’s with you
Don’t be blue
Ask for joy
He can deploy
What you need
So take heed
Go to Him
Life’s not grim
Then thank God
Give glory, laud


All You Do

Lord, thank You
For all You do
Thank you for speaking to me
Thank you, God Almighty
Right from the start
You touch the heart
You quiet the mind
Worry and fear bind
You set the captive free
For everyone to see
Not just here or there
Your glory everywhere
Your arms are so vast
Catching prayers cast
You are true to Your Word
Making it so It’s heard
What a grand God You are
A reliable, strong tower
With the enemy You contend
Our lives You defend
There’s no place I’d rather be
Than in the hands of Thee Almighty

Right Way

Lord, it’s You I seek
Come to me and speak
I am seeking You
Show me what to do
To walk in what’s right
I need Your insight
Show me the way to go
So the right way I know
In Your Word I stand
Guide me with Your hand
Clear my way today
This is what I pray
Lord, I thank You
For all You do
You protect and shield
To You everything must yield
Only You know what lies head
So there’s no need for dread
I’m with You and You’re with me
Thank You, thank You God Almighty
No need to worry or fear
For You, Lord are right here
In You I can always find rest
Lord, You alone are the best

I Ask

Lord, thank You for this day
Take my hand and lead the way
May my mind be clear
Your voice to hear
Energy to get me through
All that I need to do

Lord, steady my hands
To obey Your commands
Give me words to say
As I go about my day
No stumbling feet
May today be sweet

Lord, keep me from strife
Be glorified in my life
Only You can release
Unending peace
One last thing I ask
In Your presence bask


So today
I will say
Lord, “Thank You!”
I am fine
He is mine
I am His
It just is
No need to worry
Rush around or hurry
Don’t need to fear
God is right here
The Lord God has heard
Your every word
So go about your day
Trust Him it’ll be okay
Out the door
I go to work
Lord keep me
From being a jerk
Steady my hands
Steady my heart
May all my decisions
Intelligently smart

Lord Forgive

Lord, forgive me for the sin
That dwells deep within

For unbelief and doubt
And not kicking them out

For anxiousness and fear
Not trusting You are near

For little faith and trust
You are faithful and just

For putting myself before You
And sometimes others too

For not putting You first in my life
And for living in strife

Of these I relent
Of these I repent

On Your forgiveness I lean
Come Lord and make me clean.

Adonai, El Shaddai

(LORD, God Almighty)

In all that You do
Glory goes to You
One can always find
You are amazingly kind
Sins You do erase
Freely giving grace
Full of mercy
For all to see
Gentle and caring
Building and repairing

I hope one does observe
You are wonderful to serve

Who is this God
Full of glory and laud
He is the great I AM
The God of Abraham
He is El Shaddai
Wonderful Adonai
HaShem – The Name
To Him honor and fame
He is the God of Israel
The only God that is real!

There is so much to say
But that’s for another day