The time is here
The time is now
Do not fear
I’ll tell you how
There is only one way
That you can find peace
With the Lord God stay
His peace He’ll release


The time is now to bring
An offering to our King
You say, “What shall it be?
What shall we give to Thee?”

You have understood
It needs to be real good
Something from your heart
That’s a great place to start

To Score

Here is how to have true fun
All you have to do is go to the Son

Some have said,
“What a dread.”
Others say, “Why?”
Or just plain deny.

But I know more
I know how to score
I will share with you
What I do

It is not hard at all
On Jesus call
Spending time with Him
Keeps life from being grim

Right from the start
He will touch your heart
Sing of His goodness and grace
Which is found all over the place

Speak God’s Word
So it can be heard
True joy can only be found
In Him it will abound

To Him just plain talk
Go with Him for a walk
Tell Him how you feel
Then He helps you deal

But, in Him you must remain
Otherwise you cannot maintain
What He has called you to do
Brings joy and contentment too

The Day After

If I look upon yesterday
That great Atonement Day
The Lord sure did release
His wonderful peace
Even though we did fast
Being with Him is a blast
We prayed all kinds of prayers
Asked forgiveness and stated our cares
It was a day to repent
Asking God not to relent
His strong and mighty arm
Protection from all harm
We asked Him to forgive
Our sins so we can live
To live and dwell in His grace
Have His protection every place
With our hearts to honor Him
To keep our lives from being grim
Asked Him to forgive every sin
All wickedness that dwells within

Lord Forgive

Lord, forgive me for the sin
That dwells deep within

For unbelief and doubt
And not kicking them out

For anxiousness and fear
Not trusting You are near

For little faith and trust
You are faithful and just

For putting myself before You
And sometimes others too

For not putting You first in my life
And for living in strife

Of these I relent
Of these I repent

On Your forgiveness I lean
Come Lord and make me clean.