Take some time today
And some tomorrow
Go to the Lord and pray
He can take your sorrow
Then you will find
It’s as easy as that
Tell Him what’s on your mind
Go to Him and chat


To Score

Here is how to have true fun
All you have to do is go to the Son

Some have said,
“What a dread.”
Others say, “Why?”
Or just plain deny.

But I know more
I know how to score
I will share with you
What I do

It is not hard at all
On Jesus call
Spending time with Him
Keeps life from being grim

Right from the start
He will touch your heart
Sing of His goodness and grace
Which is found all over the place

Speak God’s Word
So it can be heard
True joy can only be found
In Him it will abound

To Him just plain talk
Go with Him for a walk
Tell Him how you feel
Then He helps you deal

But, in Him you must remain
Otherwise you cannot maintain
What He has called you to do
Brings joy and contentment too

To Succeed

The key is
We are His
When I sought direction
He gave me instruction
We truly are blessed
In His wisdom rest

What I think I need
In order to succeed
It can actually be an attack
Trying to throw me off track
Sometimes it can lead me astray
That’s why I go to God and pray

He securely holds me in His hands
I need not worry about life’s demands
He always gives what is needed
Our sins and wrong thoughts weeded
So do not think it is just a whim
Put all of your trust only in Him