Don’t Stop

In the midst of the struggle
With the Lord you can snuggle
Seek Him with all your heart
Continue this after you start
Don’t stop there
He truly does care
Tell Him how you feel
He will help you deal
And more than that
With you He wants to chat
When you quiet your mind
Then you will be able to find
He will certainly answer you
He is faithful and merciful too
But don’t let your heart sink
When it is not the way you think
For God knows what is best
Trust Him and you’ll be blessed

Connective Link

Sometimes what we think
In a flash or in a wink
Maybe longer than a blink
Can be smelly and stink
If from the Word you drink
Your heart will not sink
Prayer is the connective link
Then no longer high wrought
Because of the stinky thought
Stinky thoughts are for naught
If the Lord you have sought
A renewed mind you got
Your prayer request brought
Grace and mercy God did allot

Ever so

It is ever so true
He loves and cares for you
He is the only One who
Is loving and righteous too
In everything you do
He will guide you through
He is One; not 3 or two
If Him you only knew
His faithfulness & grace pursue
He’s Lord of all; not just few
Sing to Him now Hallelu
Blessed be He: Baruch Hu


Are you committed
Are you submitted
To the One Who
Loves and cares for you

I am His and He is mine
On these thoughts feast & dine
Just thinking about this
Can bring you bliss

He is ever so glorious
Empowers us to be victorious
Oh, how ultimately grand
Is the Lord’s righteous right hand

Know Him, yes know Him you could
He is the best and ever so good
He is aware and tends to prayers
Call on Him and cast your cares


If you snooze
You could lose
No need to whine
God says, “You’re Mine.”
You can find
Peace of mind
These do go together
We are just like weather
Some are lukewarm
Some experiencing storm
Some fierce and cold
Not knowing what to behold
There is humid or dry
All is in the hand of Adonai
Some are dark and dreary
Others are quite cheery
The Son shines bright
Exposing a beam of light
Some can be rather grim
The whole day is dim
What about calm and pleasant
Exciting or a fun present
There are many different scores
The choice to be made is yours
So, what will it be
Will you trust the Almighty

No matter the storm
Peace can be the norm