Time of Year

This is the time of year,
That can bring you lots of cheer.
All that you have to do,
Is acknowledge the One who,
Created heaven and earth,
With salvation from rebirth.

The joy He wants to give,
A peace therein to live.
This overflowing love,
Comes only from above.
It is for you and me.
It is absolutely free.

What is the true meaning of life?
Are you filled with so much strife?
Why not give it all up today.
This truly is the right way.
It is as easy as one, two, three
To ask Him to come and be with thee.

So why not take a stand,
To walk around the land,
With your head held high,
He will draw you nigh.
His peace will fill your heart.
What a great brand new start.

His blessings are for the taking.
If only you are making,
A choice to come to Him,
It is more than just a whim.
He will ever be by your side.
He will never loose His stride.

Oh the joy He does bring,
It makes you want to sing!
His peace does fill the air.
He tends to you with care.
His love for you does overflow.
All you have to do, to Him is go.


His Love

When you are afraid
God will come to your aid
Stand back and see
Trust in God Almighty
Don’t squirm about
The enemy He’ll route
Just stand firm
And do not squirm
Hold your ground
Help will be found
Your way will be known
God protects His own
Fight for you the Lord God will
Stand back, watch, and be still
Amazed and in awe you will be
At the power of the Almighty
He simply wants you to know
That His love for you is so!

Nothing Less

God wants nothing less
His people to bless
He wants for them the best
For God wants them blessed

His way is very good
Know this we should
God will surely come to your aid
In Him, no need to be afraid

He will go before you
Guiding you through
Whether by day or by night
He leads with a guiding light

So if there seems to be a struggle
Go to God and snuggle
Tell Him how you feel
Then He will help you deal


The hurt and pain
cannot remain.
However, if it does
then we’ll have trouble cuz
we cannot remain that way
without going astray.
Filled with exhaust
we’d be quite lost;
opening the door to a host of emotion,
which will disturb and cause commotion.

When there is jealousy,
it is plain for all to see.
The afflicted one wants to avenge,
contemplating a type of revenge.
This is such a bad scene,
there is nothing serene.
It has such a bad taste,
It’s a life going to waste.
If you forgive and forget,
your life you won’t regret.


When things began to get out of control
And it was beginning to take its toll
I immediately went to the One Who
Knows exactly what to do
Knowing He always pulls me through
Then I end up with peace and joy too
Yes, the results are always the same
When I call on Jesus’ powerful name
Yes, the Lord God is true to His Word
Let Scripture resound and be heard


When everything feels out of control
It is best to God extol
When you can’t see the way
Why not go to God and pray

Even when you cannot see
It is God Almighty
Who sees all things
He will carry you on wings

Don’t fret and say, “Oh no!”
The way God will show
He will take you by the hand
And lead you throughout the land