Come now and praise
His Name always
Sing Him a song
You can’t go wrong
When this you do
He does hear you

Only He can deploy
Unrelenting joy
Life needs not be grim
It won’t be with Him
Open your eyes to see
His grace and mercy

He truly does care
Go to Him in prayer
The time is now don’t wait
The time is growing late
Do this now and you’ll see
The hand of the Almighty



Come magnify
And glorify
The Name above all
On this Name call
He is righteous and just
In Him we can trust
There’s no need to fear
The Lord God is near
If you are blood bought
Your life He’s got
Hallelujah to The King
He is my everything
He takes care of all needs
Comforts, protects, and feeds
Come now and magnify
The Name of the Most High

Do Call

His mercy astounding
For one and all
Come to Him now
On Him do call
The time is today
Do not stall
He will keep you
From the fall
There’s absolutely nothing
For Him that’s too small
Nor is there anything too tall
The mighty Creator
Has created it all
So come to Him
Come now do call
Something in your way
He can remove the wall
Are you waiting
Can you walk or crawl
What kind of journey
Has it been a long haul
Can’t find contentment
Shopping in a mall
Has life been hard
Have you dropped the ball
He gives such comfort
Like a prayer shawl
So why wait
On Him do call
He does care
For one and all


We must be smart
And do our part
It’s a covenant relation
With the God of Creation
How wonderful is this
Your part you don’t want to miss
It is more than taking a look
In that faithful God given Book
This Book is filled with instruction
Following it keeps us from destruction
It’s more than just information
It’s from the God of Creation
He reveals life’s plan
For every woman and man
So in order to be smart
In order to do your part
You need to know this Book inside
Doing your part in Him abide

His Will

In order to hear His will
Quiet your mind and be still
Get rid of fear and doubt
Take worry and kick it out
The mind needs to be clear
In order for one to hear
When you hear that quiet voice
The Lord is there so rejoice
Tell the Lord what’s on your heart
Don’t fall prey to the enemy’s dart
Tell the Lord how you feel
He more than helps you deal
Only He can show the way
With peace and joy to stay
I’m not talking external
What’s meant is internal
So, no matter the storm
Or what is the social norm
Only He can guide you through
Caring and giving peace too