God is Merciful * Deut. 4:29-31

Deuteronomy 4:29-31

God’s Word says, “But if you seek the Lord your God with all your heart, you will find Him if you look for Him with all your heart and soul. What an awesome promise this is. This promise is for anyone and everyone. Praise be to God!!!
If you have fallen away from the Lord there is hope. If you return to God and obey Him, He is merciful and gracious. He will not abandon or destroy you. He will not forget His promises, which He confirmed on oath. Again, another awesome promise!!!
Thank you God for Your faithfulness to Your people. Thank you that you are true to Your Word and uphold every single promise You have spoken. You are a kind, loving, caring God. As Your Word says: You are slow to anger and abounding in mercy. Thank you Lord for your mercy and Your promises.
God is good and greatly should be praised.

Reminders *Deut. 4:1-20

Deuteronomy 4:1-20
*God is the Author & Creator of life.
*Follow Him so that you may live.
*Keep the commands of the Lord.
*Hold fast to the Lord your God.
*Doing this is wisdom.
*There’s no other god who is near when we pray and hears our prayers.
*There is none like Him.
Be careful not to forget what you have seen Him do in your life and in the lives of others. He has done great, mighty miracles and wonders since the beginning of time. Teach this to your children and their children. Remember what God has done for you. The Lord God has freely given you salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.
*Learn to revere God.
*Learn and teach the Holy Scriptures (Bible) to children.
*God wrote the 10 Commandments for His people to follow.
*Be careful not to become corrupt.
*Don’t worship any other gods.
*Do not make or worship any kind of idol.
*Worship the Lord God of Israel alone.
*He took you out of the furnace of affliction when you were “born again”.
*Be careful not to forget God’s promises. *God is good and greatly should be praised.

Overcoming *Deut. 1:32-46

Deut. 1:32-46
We need to trust God – He will “search out places for me to live and show me the way to go.” When everything looks impossible that’s when nothing but God can change the situation. God will get the credit for taking nothing (an impossible situation) and turning it into something beautiful. Why does He do this? He loves us and wants what is best for each one of us.
*Disobedience is very costly.
*Grumbling and complaining is very costly.
*God gives a directive, an opportunity for a miracle to be seen and a blessing to be had. The only requirement is obedience.
Disobedience comes from arrogance and pride. Doing what’s right in our own eyes instead of obeying God’s leading. But there is hope! There is a simple solution – pray.  Pray for a humble spirit and for God to bind and break disobedience, pride, and arrogance in yourself.
Lord God of Israel bind and break disobedience, arrogance, and pride in our lives. Replace them with a humble spirit. Open our eyes to see and our ears to hear You, Lord our God. Help us to do what is right in Your eyes and not do what is right in our own eyes. Give us courage and strength to overcome the obstacles, traps, and snares in our way. Help us how to follow Jesus. Place a deep desire in our hearts to want to know You better and to serve You where and when You, Lord desire. Thank You! In the Name of Jesus.


Giants in the Land * Deut. 1:28-31

Deut. 1:28-31
Do not be afraid or dismayed for the Lord God goes before you. Even though there are giants in the land God is sovereign! Remember what God did when life seemed to go on and on and on – drudging on with what seemed like this is it, there’s nothing else; little hope and no chance of change.
But God… God did intervene in the lives of His people and delivered them from the cruel and oppressive hardship they were under by His mighty hand and outstretched arm. God tells His people, whom He dearly loves: “Do not be afraid! Do not be terrified of what man can do to you. Whether the battle is physical, spiritual, or emotional the Lord God is going before you as He has done in the past, and it is He who will fight for you. “The battle is Mine,” declares the Lord God of Israel.
Thank you Lord for Your Word and for so many promises that You gave to Your people of which we are part of. Blessed, blessed be the Name above all names, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords. Be blessed, glorified, honored, and exalted in our lives. Hallelujah!!!

Fairness *Deut. 1:9-18

Deut. 1:9-18

God is the One who sets up the ways of mankind. Rules and regulations, leaders and judges are for the protection and benefit of God’s people. Notice in verses 16-17 God is concerned with fairness for all people groups. He states specifically to judge fairly and show no partiality in judging no matter who it is, their status, or popularity. All people are to be treated equally – whether a friend or foe.
I love what God tells His people. God said, “Do not be afraid of any man, for judgment belongs to God.” And this we know for sure – God is good, righteous, just, and does what He says He will do. He knows and sees the hearts and motives of all humans, so His judgments are the best. Being in the hands of God is a far better and a safer place to be than that of any humans.