More Than Words

Your teaching O God
and Your training
they bring me such comfort
comfort to my bones
Your love is…
I wanted to write extravagant
but I stopped.
I hesitated,
I could not write
for Your love is so much more
more than mere words can express
The same holds true
for who You are.
No one can fathom You
No one can fathom Your greatness
No one can fathom Your beauty
No one can fathom Your love
No one can fathom Your kindness
Your ways, O God, are so high
we are foolish in our words
and You smile upon us
But it is who You are
Great is Your kindness
Great is Your mercy and grace
they go ever before us
Lord, we need to know our place
we truly do
If we did
we would continually exalt You
You would be held in the highest esteem
our complete being would bow down,
down before You
Before You we would prostrate
and lift Your Name on high