The Prowl

The devil is on the prowl
He comes to make more than a growl
We need to watch out for how he’ll
come and try to steal.
He comes and tries to attack
and stab you in the back.
He wants you to be marred
so be on your guard.
We don’t need to be worried
or be in a tizzy and hurried.
Make sure your armor is on
then say to the devil, “Be gone!
in Jesus’ Name
I won’t play your game.
The Lord rebuke you.
You can’t get through
to cause corruption
or any disruption.”
Be gone all you needless strife.
Be gone, you’re not allowed in my life.
The Lord, it is He
who guards over me.
In Him, I do dwell
in Him, I am swell.
My focus is on my Lord
whom I have always adored.
He is so very good to me
His guarding and protection I see.
Thank you God
all glory, honor and laud.