Those who are a stiff-neck
say, “Oh, what the heck!”
They immediately go astray
not following the way.
If they used their brain
from rebellion they’d refrain.
Their focus is off
when you hear them scoff.
Greatly do they complain
yet, that’s where they remain.
They will often hiss.
Do you want to be around this?
God cannot be mocked
their way will be blocked.
If they live in reality
gone will be their fatality.
God’s ways are right
He will shine a light.
He always takes good care
watching over one’s welfare
My advice to you
is to be careful who
you are constantly around
for you could end up bound.
They could cause you to drown
because they’ve pulled you down.
So, why not stay free
abide in the Almighty.

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