Applaud God

Listen to me
and you will see
it is God
you should applaud
Watch what you think
be careful it doesn’t stink
Our Mighty God
doesn’t rule with a rod
Do I need to remind
our God is more than kind
If this you understand
it will be grand
Be careful of your song
for God does no wrong
Your thoughts need more than retrieval
if you think God is evil
You will find
you need to clean your mind
If your actions
are factions
and there you steep
that’s what you will reap
If you cause harm
God will remove His arm
He will remove His protection
for you’ve broken the connection
If sin does abound
consequence is found
It’s a true fact
we can’t blame God for how we act
You should know
we reap what we sow
It is a must
to know God is just
In this we can rest
God is the best!
God is dependable
He’s so commendable
So, let us come and raise
to Him our voices praise