God’s children are a rebellious lot
Whom God constantly sought
They did not pay attention
So now they’re in detention
They cannot go anywhere
But do they really care
Time and time again God spoke to them
This is their continual problem
God keeps showing them the way
But they keep going astray
God’s heart it does grieve
Every time they leave
They follow not His command
Yet expect to be grand
The reality
Is their fatality
They do whine and fret
Deserving what they get
But that’s not the end
For God does send
Another chance
To enhance
Their life on earth
With the option of rebirth
This is found in the Son
Jesus is the One
Our souls are at stake
Jesus is the choice to make
He will come to you
Only if you ask Him to
He will teach you not to rebel
Following Him will be swell.