The United States

The United States
is in dire straights
We didn’t listen to the Lord
we are far from one accord
The stench of sin is in the air
Many say, “We don’t care.
We want it our own way
and we want it to stay.”
If they only knew
What the truth would do
They would turn in a heartbeat
to avoid eternal heat
God’s ways are just
They are a must
We misuse our choice
by rejecting God’s voice
Well, my friend
life will come to an end
Will you carry your sludge
before the Mighty Judge?
Or will you repent of your way
by going to the Lord to say,
“Forgive me Lord
for I did hoard
I did what was wrong
all day and all night long.”
You will now see
that you are free
If you’re careful not to sin
You will be victorious and win