Ungodly Sight

It is an ungodly sight
that which I am to write
I pray You would stop the flow
if this is not the way I’m to go

The truth shall be seen
it is not serene
It will bring no peace
it will set forth a release
of all guilt and shame
from that which it came

There is such pain in the head
which is causing great dread
It is mainly in the forefront
that will get the greatest brunt

The face is colored flush
from all that does blush
The forehead feels tight
squeezing that which is not right
There will be a newness in the air
which will cause great fear

It will first come to the eye
which no one can deny
It will be such an ungodly sight
causing the body such fright

The eyelid keeps trying to close
The reason God only knows
It will appear there’s no hope
and no reason to cope
Again, comes deception
receiving a reception.