When I feel so over-whelmed
I can see a fraction of truth
Words cannot tell
Words cannot express
the magnitude of who You are
Your never-ending love
Your infinite mercies
Your indescribable grace
We are but dust before You
O holy One of Israel
Come and have pity on me
wash my clothes
purify my heart
Remove all rubbish and rebellion
May you instill in me
a pure and contrite heart
Turn me from my sin
which squeezes me within
I want to let go
of the way I think I should go
I have tasted
I have seen a glimpse
I ask Lord,
“Please, please
bring me to that place
where I need to be
Your faithfulness is astounding
In this I place my hope
You give me all I need
forgive my fretting.”
I can rest
only in the One
who is the best