We must be aware
not giving way to despair
The enemy is found
hanging around
The enemy is on the prowl
I hear him growl
He’s telling us we should
do that which is not good
It’s more than a hunch
he’s about to punch
the body’s middle insides
wanting to hear our cries
Our enemy keeps on hounding
trying to break us down by pounding.
He wants to stop our cruising
with blows that cause bruising
We don’t need a riddle
to protect our middle
Just call on our Lord
and use His mighty Sword
to fend off the attack
for there’s nothing we lack
Trust in our God
to Him give applaud
For this He did warn
He doesn’t want the body torn
Call on Him now
for He’ll show us how
to skillfully deal
with the one who does steal
“Lord, You are so awesome
We ask, please come
Be our guard
Keep us from hard
whacks to vital organs
keep us from shenanigans
May Your protective covering
not cease from hovering
over the body entire
You are what we desire
Come now to us this day
please do not delay
chase the enemy away
This is what I pray.”