The devil has hurled
evil at the world.
There is so much sin
that dwells within,
for he did rape
and there’s no escape.
He did pervert
causing much hurt.
Even though the way looks dim
don’t give way to him.
He tries so hard
to make us marred.
Him we need to resist
he will try to insist
to make us sin
he doesn’t want us to win.
But we have a great hope
so we can more than cope.
We put all of our trust
in the One who is just.
He stands up for righteousness sake
there is absolutely no mistake,
the Lord is the Mighty One
with Him the battle’s won.
The devil had his hour
but the Lord has greater power.
So, stand up and be strong
to avoid doing wrong.
The Lord is our protector
saving us from the Defector.

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