Only He

He parts the heavens
Only God Almighty can call
those things that are not
into life and existence
Only He
I say, only He
Only He, God Almighty
Only He can
He calms the waters
He opens and closes doors
Stand and behold the King
Who is this King
It is He
Only He
He is the King of Glory
Worship Him in truth
go before your Maker
on bended knee
bow before Thee Almighty
God is not what we think
He is so much more
We, His children, are finite
whom He dearly loves
He watches over and provides for.
God, our Father, is infinite
there is absolutely no comparison
vastly different are the two
finite and infinite
A slight comparison says
microscopic to enormously immense
Give Him glory
Give Him honor
Reverence due His Name
must be highly upheld
Magnificent, glorious
these words don’t even scratch
the surface of who God is
Come now and praise Him
Honor Him with song
honor Him with thanksgiving