Truth of the Matter *Jer. 17:19-27

The truth of the matter is, a matter of fact. God throughout the entire Bible says over and over and over again “Keep the Sabbath Day holy!” Why? I ask, “Why do we ignore this fourth Commandment?” It is one of the Great 10 Commandments. If one says, “Well, that was then and this is now. Therefore, it is irrelevant.” To this I say: If one of the moral Commandments is not valid then that makes all the rest the same. So, murder, lying, stealing, and adultery is okay to do. How absurd! God says over and over that every action has a consequence. Obey and be blessed. Disobey and blessing is removed.
What does this mean for us today? It means as God stated in Exodus 20:8-11. Do no work; instead relax, go to church, spend time with God, pray, read the Bible. Enjoy your day with family and friends. Why do we not want to do this? God was very clear about the consequences of our actions. Which do you prefer – be blessed or lose out on the blessings of the day.

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