Is There…

Lord is there a poem in the air,
that You would like to share?
This has been such a wonderful day,
Thank you for leading me this way.
I have had joy and peace,
which did not cease.
I’ve had them all day long,
how could I possibly go wrong?
They continued into the night
much to my delight.

The Word

It truly is the Word
that must be heard.
It’s not just what one knows;
it’s the walk and how one goes,
doing what’s right
in the Lord’s sight.
But, how can we do this
for we don’t want to miss
the right way to go
this we must know.
It is absurd to think
that we can only drink
from the well of peace
if we continue to cease
from obeying the Lord
and using His mighty Sword.
The Word we must apply
or else we will die.

Another Warning *Jer. 8:1-9:1-19

Jeremiah is declaring another warning to his people. Our situations are different, however the concept is the same – REPENT! Turn from your sinful ways. Disaster is coming.
Father, let us not be like Your people who paid no attention to the warning that were sent by You. Let us be a people who hear Your Word, Your warnings and heed them no matter what. Give us strength and courage to do what is right before You. Be blessed, honored, and exalted in our lives. In Jesus Name.

Work Done

When my work was done,
I decided to have some fun.
I’d take a long walk
to my Lord I’d talk.
It is a beautiful day
on this March Friday.
The rain is done
and now there’s sun.
The sun is shining bright
It’s such a pretty sight.
There’s a warmth in the air,
yes God does care.
There’s no need to worry
and no need to hurry.
We can now rest
knowing we are blessed.

His Way *Jer. 7:12-29

God makes His way known again and again, but are we listening?
Let us not be like the people in this passage who constantly ignored the Word of the Lord time and time again. Let us be people that obey and walk in the ways of the Lord, then it will go well with us. God gives us a choice and what we get is a result of the choices we make.
Father, help us to make good choices and wise decisions for the good of Your Kingdom. Help us to obey Your Word and walk in Your ways. In Jesus Name.