Come and worship the Lord
Let us do this in one accord
All glory due His Name
Acknowledge His glory and fame
He is a faithful God
To Him all reverence and laud
Yes, it is only the Lord God
You should applaud
Have you not understood
Our great God is good
It is the great I AM
who gave us the Passover Lamb
Why did God do this?
It was so we would not miss
the way to go
for He wanted us to know
not only the way to talk
more importantly the way to walk.
We need to know
what God says is so
He told us what He has required
in Him, we are inspired.
He will give us what we need
It is God who has freed
us from the pains of sin
that develops from within.
God will break all that is bound
and all traps that are found
If we could only see
how lovingly
The Almighty
deals with you and me,
we would stand tall
and respond to His call.
Come to Him today
He will show you the way.

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