Requirements *Jer. 7:3-11

The requirements: Word of the Lord:
Change your ways and actions; reform.
*deal with each other justly
*do not oppress others
*do not shed blood – murder of any kind. All life is precious including aborted babies.
*do not follow gods or honor them
*do not steal
*do not commit adultery
*do not commit perjury
Father, show us where we need to change our ways and actions so that what we do will be pleasing in Your sight. In Jesus Name.

Far Away

I need not fret
I have got to get
my eyes off of me
this is the only way to be.
I feel so far away
and it’s not where I want to stay.
Yes, saying thank you
is what I need to do.
It’s where my focus is.
It needs to be on His
Word, His way, His love
all good things from above.