United States

The United States,
tries to block,
What God creates,
but we’re in for a shock.
It is the sin,
of unending pride,
That dwells within,
boasting we’ve made great stride.
The streets have been filled,
with continuous cries,
From babies that were willed,
to be destroyed from lies.
And all this perverted sex,
in this once Christian land,
Continually destroys and wrecks.
Many voices heard demand.
All must have acceptance,
of all these sinful ways.
What’s needed is repentance,
turning from this awful craze.
One day you will meet your Maker.
How will you fair?
Have you been deceived by the caper,
to be thrown into eternal despair?
There will be no rewards,
for this ungodly behavior.
Sin is the one which hordes,
be set free; turn to the Saviour.
The U.S. can no longer wait,
the time is now.
We must not hesitate,
to go before God and bow.
Pray God takes this horrid sin,
completely away from this land.
The upright in this nation can win,
but it is all in God’s mighty hand.