Open Door

God has opened a door
enabling me to score.
He has made the way straight
which I greatly appreciate.
I feel smart
and joy fills my heart,
for I am going the right way
God is keeping me from decay.
The poems that I write
are filled with insight.
They are not just for me
they are for everybody
to read and know
the way we are to go.
Sin has a consequence
because it is an offense
to Almighty God.
To Him be honor and laud.
If we keep from sin
then we are surely to win,
for God’s Word is true
we need to watch what we do.
God never blesses sin
that dwells within.
If sin is in the land
then nothing will stand.
If man does hide
any sin inside
everything will halt
until we exalt
the Mighty One.
When this is done
then we can be blessed
and freed from all the rest
of tainted behavior
if we have turned to our Saviour.