I now have found
the one who does hound
is the enemy, our foe
trying to cause us woe.
He doesn’t like our piety
and tries to cause anxiety.
Hard and long he does hammer
trying to put us in the slammer.
By his beating he tries to break
and with his lies he tries to take
all our joy and hope away
impressing on us dismay.
His continual squeeze
tries to make us freeze.
But in our Saviour
there is great favor.
God places us in His hand
there we can withstand
all the enemy’s fiery darts
aimed towards our hearts.
Under our Lord he is squished,
the darts will be extinguished.
We have on protective gear,
so there is no cause to fear.
The Lord is our protective shield
He gave us His Word to wield
against all our foe.
This you need to know.