Many Thanks

I looked up into the sky
and said to Adonai,
“Many thanks to You
for everything You do.”
Through thick and thin
You enable me to win.



Poems came galore
And still there was more
When I thought I was done
Yet there’d be another one
And then another
All to my wonder
Thirty-seven this poem makes
I have made no mistakes
My counting is right
The pile is an incredible sight


I now have stacks
of poems galore.
Because I did relax
God gave me more.

All the while
the poems did flow.
I had on a smile
that would not go.

I still am filled
with much joy.
I’m glad God willed
for me to enjoy.

This was the best
Sabbath day ever.
I’m filled with zest
God is so clever.

When I go to Him
He knows my need.
He takes what’s grim
then gives me feed.

He nourishes my soul
and spirit too.
He makes me whole
so I can do.

He takes my grief
and all my pain.
Brings me relief
comfort’s my gain.

God is so good
can’t you see?
Maybe you should
go to the Almighty.

I do know well
His love does flow
In Him I dwell
His grace I know.

The Best

Again I want to say,
“Thank you Lord for this day.
Right from the start,
You touched my heart.
I wrote poem one,
and still I’m not done.
Poem after poem came
and they were not the same.
This day sure was the best
It’s been one of great rest.
This is what the Sabbath should be;
a day that is totally work free.
The day flew by fast
and I had a blast.
There was no concept of time
all the while doing my rhyme.