No Blunder

You keep me from being torn asunder,
in You there is no blunder.
Your way is perfect,
there is no defect.
You do not use the goad,
when we’re on the right road.
If You allow pain,
it’s only for our gain.
You want us to discern
so that we not only learn,
but apply and then master
in order to avoid disaster.
Do you see how good can this be,
to be in the hand of the Almighty!
To be safe and secure,
so nothing can lure
us out from our safe haven
to be attacked by the raven.
What a God we serve;
God is the One to deserve.
He does not enthrall,
He deserves our all.
One thing is sure,
God is pure.
His motives are just,
so we need to trust.
That’s it. That’s all.
On Him we should call.

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