I now have stacks
of poems galore.
Because I did relax
God gave me more.

All the while
the poems did flow.
I had on a smile
that would not go.

I still am filled
with much joy.
I’m glad God willed
for me to enjoy.

This was the best
Sabbath day ever.
I’m filled with zest
God is so clever.

When I go to Him
He knows my need.
He takes what’s grim
then gives me feed.

He nourishes my soul
and spirit too.
He makes me whole
so I can do.

He takes my grief
and all my pain.
Brings me relief
comfort’s my gain.

God is so good
can’t you see?
Maybe you should
go to the Almighty.

I do know well
His love does flow
In Him I dwell
His grace I know.