In the Bible God wrote
He wanted to make note
About the feast of Sukkot
God wants us to celebrate
Our thinking re-calibrate
Remember, be joyful, don’t wait
So do not fuss
Written for us
The Book Leviticus
Chapter twenty-three
Come, let us see
It is written for you and me
God’s Promises are true
They are for the Jew
God’s Word is for Gentiles too
It is never too late
So do not hesitate
To say, “YHWH is great!”

Last Day

I just want to note
Today’s the last day of Sukkot
With your head held high
Give praise and thanks to Adonai
Do you ask, “What is the reason?”
The reason is for this season
A time to remember
This past week in September
Through this 1st day in October
Do not let your vision blur
Continue to give thanks and praise
Do it now and always
Remember what God has done
Praise and thank Him a ton
This will bring your heart joy
This last day of Sukkot enjoy


I could write and write and write,
because it makes me feel bright.
My thoughts are in the right place,
they’re not floating away in space.
Many thanks I now lift,
to my God for this gift.
When I start to go off course,
the Lord saves me from remorse.
He leads me back,
keeping me from lack.
I pick up a pen to write,
my thoughts now sunny and bright.