In honoring Sukkot
To you I wrote this note
This last week in September
Is a time to remember
Not just for the Jew
But for me and you
Of what God did do
His mercy and grace too
The Lord’s righteous right hand
Provided for them in the land
His out stretched arm
Protected them from harm
He guided them along their way
Was with them night and day
And so it is with us
God gave us Messiah Jesus
Who saved us from our sin
And cleansed us deep within
He is our guide and shield
To Him everything must yield
So during this week of Sukkot
Take some time to make note
What God has done in the past
His way is true and will last
He set His people free
He did this for you and me
How great & awesome is the Lord God
Daily give Him honor and laud
Our God said, “Be joyful and glad
Remember and don’t be sad
God is always with you
Just like He is with the Jew
It’s not about me and you
Neither is it about the Jew
It’s about what God did do
From bondage & oppression He did/does rescue
Hallelujah! Thank you Lord
Let’s thanks & praise in one accord

Right Spot

I am in the right spot
therefore I will not
wrack my mind
trying to find
the right place
this is my space
I will just relax
not let worry tax
each and every nerve
because I want to serve
I am not in a jam
I am serving the great I AM
He lives inside of me
It is only He
who can steady my step
this is where I get my pep.
I have more than enough
from Him comes my stuff.