Lord, help me to relax in You.
May only right thoughts stew.
Inside my head,
remove the dread.
Come and break this stronghold
of wrong thoughts of old.
A new breath of air
will rid thoughts that impair.
I don’t want the same old,
to You I take hold.
Break this cycle once and for all,
to You, Lord I call.
You are the only One who can;
there is no one, not one man.
I am pleading for your mercy,
Lord, I am so thirsty.
Lord, come open the door;
to You, Lord, I implore.
Touch me with Your hand,
then I’ll be able to stand;
upright, then I’ll delight,
not giving way to fright.
Over power my weakness,
and fill me with meekness.
I want to be totally humble,
without one ounce of grumble.
Lord, fill me full to overflow,
and take all that causes me woe.