It seems the harder I try,
the more I cry.
The harder I try to be good,
I think of all that I should.
When I’m feeling overpowered,
I find my thoughts soured.
O Lord Help!
Hear my yelp.
What good can I do,
if I can’t get through.
It feels yuck
to be stuck.
I don’t want to be in the muck,
and I’m not relying on luck.
I am standing on Your Word;
Your Word, which I’ve heard;
Your Word, which is true;
Your Word, which comes from You.
Yes, I will break through,
that’s exactly what I’ll do.
On Your Word I will stand,
which I hold in my hand.
It is in my mind
my heart it will remind.
So, now I’m good to go,
the Spirit is here I know.
Thank you God,
to You I applaud!