Love & Compassion *Neh. 9:26-27, 33

How awesome is God!!! Only YHWH, the one true God is God. He is full of love and compassion for His people. He has a holy standard that must be adhered too. When it is not kept, He is very patient and merciful. Year after year, He gives His people warnings after warnings to change and turn back to Him.
Finally, God says enough and withholds His hand of blessing and protection. The people then suffer grave consequences. Then after a time they repent. God hears their desperate cries for help and rescues them even when they deserved it not.
In all that has happened to us, You (God) have remained righteous; You have acted faithfully, while we acted wickedly. (vs. 33)
What a gracious, kind, loving, compassionate, faithful God. Why not thank Him now for this.