More Blessings *Ezra 7

Now this pagan Persian King was paying the way for a rabbi / priest (Ezra) to go back to Jerusalem. And not only that, Ezra was given authority to appoint magistrates and judges to administer justice to the whole Tran-Euphrates. Again, not only that, but Ezra was to teach God’s Law (the Holy Scriptures) to those who don’t know Them. Tremendous blessings here already, but God does not stop here. Ezra is to take silver and gold to be used to honor the God of Israel. Plus, in the king’s edict no taxes, duty, tribute on any of the Temple, workers, servants, or priest are to be paid. Wow!!! God is pouring out blessing upon blessing; so much so that it overflows in abundance.
There are consequences to sin, however when we turn to God and repent He not only forgives us our sin and forgets it, but blesses us as we serve Him. What a kind, loving, gracious, and merciful God we serve – YHWH. Your Name be praised!!!