The brutality imposed,
is now being exposed.
The secret files of the Spanish Inquisition,
put the Jews in a horrid position.
Because their faith they didn’t deny,
many Jews were ordered to die.
The torture was brutal,
survival was futile.
In the name of Jesus our Lord,
many were put to the sword.
They weren’t following God’s Word;
what they were doing was absurd.
They were making their own rules,
They were following evil like fools.
Those in charge were the true heretics,
because they were acting like lunatics.
All that death and pain,
all done under Jesus’ name;
the horror of it all,
because of the church’s gall.
The evil one got in,
causing the church great sin.
Over this the church needs to repent,
seeking God is how time should be spent.


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