Overpower *Ezra 6

What the enemy deems for harm, God will overpower it with good. What looked like a disaster before has all changed now. The very men who tried their best to stop God’s people are now the ones who are to help them financially. By the Persian king’s edict, these false accusers now have to give the Jews whatever they need: all building materials, supplies and expenses paid, the men paid, and pay for all the offerings and sacrifices to be offered daily to the God of Israel. Plus, by the kings decree, the false accusers were ordered to do this diligently. Wow! How is that for compensation! If that wasn’t bad enough for the accusers, the king also decreed that if all this did not happen diligently they would lose their lives and their houses would be destroyed.
Note: The Temple of God took many, many years to build. God is amazing!!!
The God of Israel allowed His people to go through hardship for a time only to bless them later abundantly; beyond what they could ever have imagined.
The God of Israel is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He never changes or breaks His promises to His people. What He did in the past (love, protect, provide, watch over) He can and will do for His beloved people today and that includes you and me.
Lord God of Israel, help us to keep our focus on the task at hand and fully trust in You and Your protection & provision. Thank You.

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