Pursuit *Ezra 4

When the people of God are right where they need to be; building an altar and Temple for the Lord God in order to bring offerings, make sacrifices, and worship Him, the enemy comes along and tries to thwart what’s being done. He first uses deception saying he wants to help. But when he is not allowed to help, he then does everything in his power to discourage and frustrate the workers. Next, he tries to make them afraid. He taunts and falsely accuses them in order to hinder their work and make them fail. Then he appeals to the authorities. However, his efforts are to no avail.
This is a good example of what the enemy of our souls will do to us when we are in pursuit of seeking God; trying to build our relationship with Him. He taunts, accuses falsely, and tries to invoke fear, worry, anxiety in our lives, and thwart our endeavor to get us off track; taking our focus off of trusting God. His pursuit is strong trying to move our trust and faith in God to doubt, fear, etc. He is relentless and ruthless, but God is greater.


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