A Killer *2 Chron. 26:3-21

Pride is a killer. It is God who gives good gifts, talents, abilities, and blessings. When we are humble, and know, and acknowledge our help comes from God blessings continue to flow. But when we become prideful and think, “My hand has done this. I’m great and powerful. I’m better than others. I’m the exception to the rule” that’s when downfall begins. Pride cometh before a fall. Only God gets the glory. When one thinks they are good and credits themselves for success and victories – taking all credit and giving nothing to God – this is a grave mistake, which in turn results in loss; loss of power, loss of reputation, loss of wealth, and everything else.
Lord God, thank you for Your blessings. May we be ever mindful of where our blessings come from; that they come from You. All we have and all we are comes from You. Keep us humble before You. In Jesus Name.


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