Avoid Disaster *1 Chron. 15:12-15

Disaster had broken out the first time, because they didn’t follow God’s instructions. They just did what was right in their own eyes. (1 Chron.13)
For full understanding and back ground information read 1 Chronicles 13 first then 1 Chronicles 15:12-15 makes a lot more sense.
The lesson here is to seek God first. Pray and seek God’s way before doing anything.
David had learned a very hard lesson the first time by not praying about the matter first. This time, before doing anything David sought God. God answered him and gave him specific instructions, which were totally different from what David had done the first time.
Lord, I am inquiring of You about how to do___________ in the prescribed way. Reveal to me the right way to deal with ___________.

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