Expectations * 2 Kings 5:1-16

God’s way is so much higher than our ways. We often limit God by our perspectives. Just because God did something one way does not mean He will do it that same way again.
Naaman took a step of faith in trusting that this Hebrew prophet of God, Elisha, would come out to meet him, call on the Name of his God, wave his hand over the spot, and cure him of leprosy. However, Naaman’s expectations were dashed when this did not take place. Elisha sent a servant out to meet him to tell him to wash seven times in the Jordan River and then Naaman’s flesh will be cleansed.
Receiving from God takes a step of faith. We have to let go of our expectations of how we think things should happen and step out in faith to receive God’s blessing.
Naaman almost lost out on being healed because of his expectations of how he thought God would heal him. Let us not be like that; let us be open to God’s way even if it sounds foreign, irregular, or even ridiculous. If it wasn’t for someone telling Naaman (why not do it because he had nothing to lose) he would have left an angry leprous man.
*watch out for expectation
*listen to good advice

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